Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The List - In Process

Over the course of 26 weeks of chemotherapy treatment for hepatitis C I think I learned a few things:
1. Don't take anything for granted. Don't take anything for granted. (bears repeating)
2. Good health is a blessing, not a given.
3. I can endure way more than I ever thought I could.
4. Take one day at a time - even, or especially, the painful ones.
5. Support of loved ones is ultimately what gets you through.
6. When you get rubbed raw and broken down, there is another (interesting) dimension that emerges.
7. Weight loss is not always a good thing.
8. Anger (when it's not malicious) can sometimes help you get through the day.
9. It's not shameful to be weak.
10. There are a lot of people out there ready to help.
11. Sometimes (most of the time) you have to ask for what you need.
12. Your body can betray you. (See #1.)
13. Writing is healing.
14. It's okay to complain - as long as you don't assume anyone is listening.
15. It's okay to let yourself collapse - but you will eventually have to get up.
16. There's no avoiding irritation.
17. Sometimes it's the chemicals, sometimes it's just you.
18. There has to be a less invasive treatment than this - someday.
19. There's a lot that I learned that I haven't figured out yet.
20. All things do come to an end.


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